How Cyntech became a leader in the energy and petrochemical industries

Original Cyntech logo


Cyntech started in 1981 as a small, client-focused company within the Alberta energy sector.

Three divisions of Cyntech - helical piles, pipeline anchors, and tank services


Cyntech establishes three divisions - helical piles, pipeline anchors, and tank services.

View of the outside of the Calgary office


Cyntech builds a fabrication facility and head office in Calgary, Alberta.

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Recognized in 2010 by Alberta Venture Magazine as one of Alberta’s top 25 fastest growing companies over $20 million, Cyntech has since grown to become a relevant player in both the North American and global markets.

New Cyntech logo


In July 2013, Keller Group acquired Cyntech as part of the acquisition of North American Caisson Ltd. (a division of North American Construction Group – NACG). Through this partnership, Cyntech joined the largest ground engineering specialist in the world and gained access to leading technology, resources, knowledge, and efficiencies for the benefit of both the company and its clients.