Whether lifting a tank to correct edge settlement, installing a new foundation to provide secondary containment, or relocating your tank to a new site, Cyntech's highly experienced professional staff will support you from the design stage to completion.

Common uses

Crude oil tanks
Production tanks (skim tanks, boiler feedwater tanks, produced water tanks, diluent tanks, and more)
Refined product tanks (gasoline, diesel, jet fuel)


Cyntech offers services from project conception to completion. We have full in-house engineering and design capabilities or can provide a complete turnkey service package, including all inspection, engineering, and construction aspects for any tank modifications.

We can provide the skilled personnel and specialized technology required to ensure your project is completed safely, efficiently, and to your satisfaction. Our API-certified Aboveground Storage Tank inspectors will provide inspection and consultation services to ensure compliance with applicable codes and standards.

Cyntech has been Canada's premiere tank lifting contractor for the past 20 years. Our professional engineers use the most innovative technologies available for tank lifting and relocation to ensure your project is executed safely and cost-effectively.

Innovative techniques

We will analyze your situation, recommend the appropriate remedial action, and execute the required repair work. We use a unique airbag lifting system to elevate the tank from its base to allow for remedial action. Our system offers tremendous advantages over conventional hydraulic jacking methods:

  • Tank integrity is maintained
  • No concrete support system required
  • No welding on the tank shell

Our automated welding system technological solutions will reduce the time and labor efforts required for your shell, floor, and roof repairs and replacements. Our automated systems weld and can precisely torch cut to project requirements.

Significant cost savings can be realized by relocating existing tanks rather than constructing new ones. Our trained and experienced crews can provide relocation services over land or navigable waterways.

Relocation can be:

  • Temporary, to allow for the groundwork to be executed without working under the tank
  • To move the tank to a new pad within the berm
  • To move the tank to a new location within the tank farm
  • To move the tank to a completely new site

A combination of our certified and tested expert welders and equipment will ensure that the job is done accurately and in less time.

Why choose us?

Few companies have the expertise to lift and relocate large tanks. At Cyntech, we do it right. Our experienced staff and years of successful tank services make Cyntech the first choice for tank relocation. We have developed a safe, state-of-the-art airbag system to lift tanks. This works especially well with large tank lifting.

We will provide the required skilled personnel and specialized technology to ensure your project is completed safely and efficiently. Our team is performance-driven and dedicated to serving the needs of our clients.