From concrete ringwalls and concrete pads to deep foundations and gravel ringwalls, Cyntech has the expertise to complete any tank foundation. We can keep the tank in place, lift it eight feet in the air or move the tank completely.

Common uses

Crude oil tanks
Production tanks (skim tanks, boiler feedwater tanks, produced water tanks, diluent tanks, and many more)
Refined product tanks (gasoline, diesel, jet fuel)


Cyntech offers services from project conception to completion. We have full in-house engineering and design capabilities or can provide a complete turnkey service package including all aspects of inspection, engineering, and construction for any tank modifications.

We can provide the skilled personnel and specialized technology required to ensure your project is completed safely, efficiently, and to your satisfaction.

Our API-certified Aboveground Storage Tank inspectors will provide inspection and consultation services to ensure compliance with applicable codes and standards.

Foundation systems

Gravel ringwall

Gravel ringwall is the most cost-effective foundation for settling tanks. Along with tank move or tank lifts, we can remove and replace the existing foundation with a sound gravel ringwall.

Reinforced concrete ringwall

Reinforced Concrete Ringwall is a sounder solution to tank settlement. Our civil engineers are experts and can design and draft an optimal ringwall for a variety of site conditions.

Grout injection foundation pads

We install a low-strength grout that is equivalent to a compacted gravel ringwall as a cost-effective solution to soft foundations.

Why choose us?

Since 1981, Cyntech has been providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to the energy and petrochemical industry. We have built a solid reputation throughout North America as an industry leader in providing innovative, comprehensive, and reliable storage tank upgrading services.

We will provide the skilled personnel and specialized technology required to ensure your project is completed safely and efficiently. Our team is performance-driven and dedicated to serving the needs of our clients.